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Romantic Composers Quiz

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What instrument did Gustav Mahler like to compose for?

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What are Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker and Swan Lake?

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In which country did Antonín Dvořák write his 9th Symphony, The New World Symphony?

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What was the name of Felix Mendelssohn’s sister who was also a talented composer?

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What is the name of Edward Elgar’s famous piece of music that is played at graduation ceremonies?

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What was Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's symphonic suite Scheherazade about?

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What piece of music did Richard Strauss compose about a hero and his sidekick determined to save the world?

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How many piano keys could Sergei Rachmaninoff’s hands reach from his pinky to thumb?

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What did Hector Berlioz’s father want Berlioz to be instead of a composer?

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Richard Wagner was a jack of all trades! What was Wagner known for?

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